Friday, March 16, 2012

TAC-KC: 03.16.12

Tracy's Art Calendar – Kansas City for March 16, 2012
Plug Project's Fourth Exhibition

Stephanie Snider, Untitled (black French Curve), mixed media on paper, 10"x8", 2011
Image: courtesy of the artist via Plug Projects; may not be reproduced without permission

More thoughts on how we interact with architecture … the five artist/curators at Plug Projects bering together five artists from New York, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kansas City to respond to the term, "superstruct," defined as to put up something new on an existing foundation or part of a building.

(Elizabeth Stevenson's The Girl Who Lived in a Sign ongoing project/narrative would be a perfect fit here, I think.)

At the opening tonight, you can meet out-of-town artists Sonya Blesofsky and Brady Haston (and Juniper Tangpuz*, of course!), and on March 29, Stephanie Snider will be in Kansas City to present at a KCAI Current Perspectives lecture.

Plug on.

site-specific installations and work by five diverse artists "whose diverse practices address ideas of the urban landscape," Sonya Blesofsky, Brady Haston, Kirsten Kindler, Stephanie Snider, and Juniper Tangpuz
at Plug Projects, 1613 Genessee Street, Kansas City, Missouri: 816-646-7584

Opening: March 16, 6-9 p.m.
Open Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. (and by appointment) through May 5, 2012

Note: if you're expecting origami-animals, you're in for a surprise.
PS, All opinions here are my own, and no one edits this, so any errors are also solely mine. Corrections are appreciated:

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